Freshman Crews.

There are now ten Freshman eights rowing on the river every afternoon, four at the Weld and six at the Newell. The crews have received a great deal of attention from both Vail and Donovan, together with some individual pair-oar practice and improvement has been noticeable from the first. The main object in the coaching, thus far, has been to get the men accustomed to their positions in the boat, and to instill into them the first principles of good oarsmanship, rather than attempt to develop any speed. Owing to the large number of men who have had experience on their school crews the first boats are rowing well together and with a fair degree of finish.

Weld Crews.

First--Stroke, E. B. Roberts; 7, George; 6, Whitwell; 5, Graydon; 4, Derby; 3, Hartwell; 2, Switzer; bow, Bent.

Second--Stroke, Greenough; 7, Adams; 6, Wolcott; 5, DuBois; 4, Warner; 3, Streit; 2, Locke; bow, Blaikie.

Newell Crews.

First--Stroke, Harding; 7, Ayer; 6, McGrew; 5, Swan; 4, Burgess; 3, Weed; 2, Stone; bow, Bryant.

Second--Stroke, Pier; 7, Whitridge; 6, Clifford; 5, Haycock; 4, Riker; 3, Atwater; 2, DuBois; bow, Storer.