The Metropolitan Regatta.

The fifth annual regatta of the Metropolitan Amateur Rowing Association will be held on the afternoon of Monday, June 18, over the Charles River course. If sufficient entries are received the following races will be rowed: Single Scull (shells); senior, intermediate, and novice. Doubles (shells); senior, intermediate, and junior.

Four Oared Working Boats; senior and junior.

Four Oared Shells: senior, intermediate, and junior.

Eight Oared Shells: senior, intermediate, and junior.

All the races will be rowed over a mile and one half course from the Union Boat Club up-stream three quarters of a mile and return, except the eight-oared races. These will be rowed down stream over a one mile and a half course finishing at the Union Boat Club.


The Boston Athletic "Association Trophy for the Single Sculls is offered again under the same conditions. These provide that no man who has won a National Regatta may compete, and that the trophy becomes the permanent property of any one winning it three times. All entries and entrance fees must be made on or before Monday evening, June 11.