Game to be Called at 3 on Soldiers Field. Makeup and Criticism of the Team.

The University nine will play the first of its games with Princeton on Soldiers Field at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The batting orders follow: Harvard.  Princeton. Loughlin, c.f.  2b., Steinwender. Kendall, 1b.  l.f., Kafer. Reid, c.  1b., Person. Fincke, 2b.  s.s., Meier. Clark, 3b.  p., Hillebrand. Wendell, r.f.  r.f., Burke. Devens, r.f.  c., Green. Coolidge, s.s.  3b., Hutchinson. Stillman, p.  c.f., Watkins.

The Princeton game comes this year two weeks later than the first game last year and should therefore give the Harvard team a fairer chance than formerly to show its ability. It has now reached a point in its development where it should be able to make a strong showing against any college team in the country. The batting has been steadily improving all through the season.

The men may be relied upon to use judgement in running bases and to take advantage of every opportunity. In fielding the team has not done such sharp work during the last few games as earlier in the season, partly because of the especial attention to batting, but the slump is probably only temporary. Coolidge and Fincke are reliable fielders and cover a good deal of ground. Clark is slow and rather uncertain, and Kendall fails to cover enough ground. In the outfield, Loughlin and Wendell are playing first class ball and Devens is steadily improving. Reid is catching in the best of form, and his throwing to bases is quick and accurate, Stillman's control is excellent, and he is steady and reliable when in a tight place. He is in better form than last Monday, when he pitched against Pennsylvania, and his fault of carelessness will probably not appear today.

The Princeton team has made an excellent showing so far this season, and is probably the strongest nine that Harvard will meet. The infield is considerably stronger than it was last year, through the addition of Steinwender, Meier and Pearson, Hutchinson, shortstop on last year's team, has beaten Hutchings in the competition for third base, and is now filling the position very well. Of the outfielders, Paulmier is a new man, but Burke played on the '98 nine, and Watkin on last year's team.

Princeton's batting has been uniformly strong throughout the season, and the fielding has been fast though at times uncertain. The strongest point on the Princeton team is its pitching department. Hillebrand, with two year's experience behind him, seems this year stronger than ever, and Scott has been nearly as successful. Kafer will be unable to catch because of an injury to his finger, received in the Brown game ten days ago. Green will take his place