Weld and Newell Graded Crews Race.--Changes in the Eights.

The senior, intermediate and junior crews of the Weld and Newell clubs will race downstream over the 1 7-8 miles course this afternoon in three separate races, the first of which will be started at 2 o'clock.

The Newell crews have undergone fewer changes in order than the Weld during the last two weeks. With the exception of bow, which was a few days ago taken by R. F. Blake, the Newell senior crew is rowing in the same order as two weeks ago. In the Weld senior, Wolcott has been lately put at stroke, and has given the crew more life and beat than it has hitherto shown. Martin and Holden have taken the respective places of Brainerd and Gray at 7 and 4.

The Weld intermediate is stroked by T. D. Roberts '03 in place of Wadsworth, who has stopped rowing. The crew has also been strengthened by Brooks at 6, Brainerd at 5, Gray at 4, and Stanton at 3.

Locke has recently taken Wolcott's place at stroke in the junior boat. On the whole these changes have greatly improved all the crews.

Weld senior--Stroke, Wolcott; 7, Martin; 6, Burton; 5, Grew; 4, Holden; 3, Ivins; 2, Colby; bow, G. Blake; cox., Goodwin.


Newell senior--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Morris; 6, Gale; 5, Platt; 4, Lawrence; 3, Swaim; 2, Smith; bow, R. F. Blake; cox., Jackson.

Weld intermediate--Stroke, T. D. Roberts; 7, Richardson; 6, Brooks; 5, Brainerd; 4, Gray; 3, Stanton; 2, Covel; bow, Morrison; cox., Boothby.

Newell intermediate--Stroke, Boardman; 7, Merritt; 6, Gregg; 5, Randolph; 4, Brigham; 3, Jackson; 2, Champollion; bow, Bolling; cox., Shattuck.

Weld junior--Stroke, Locke; 7, Francis; 6, Barnes; 5, Bartlett; 4, Farlow; 3, Morse; 2, Thornton; bow, Blaikie; cox., Davidge.

Newell junior--Stroke, Bryant; 7, Dabney; 6, Emery; 5, Rainsford; 4, Sweetser; 3, Nichols; 2, Knight; bow, Pope; cox., Kelley.