Boylston Prize Speaking.

The preliminary trial of candidates for the Boylston prize speaking contest will be held in Sanders Theatre at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. The men retained by the committee will speak at the final trial on Thursday, May 10. The judges are: Mr. Henry Austin Clapp '60, Professor G. P. Baker, and Mr. La Rose.

The following men will speak, probably in alphabetical order:

F. W. Aldred '00, "Revelation of the Scarlet Letter," Hawthorne.

A. G. Alley, Jr., '01, "A Reminiscence of Lexington," Theodore Parker.

L. T. Baker '00, "A Lesson from the Career of Grant," Theodore Roosevelt.


H. W. Ballantine '00, "The United States in the Far East," Senator Lodge.

R. Bishop '01, "Affairs in Cuba," Senator John Thurston.

F. D. Bosworth '01, "Harvard College in the War," O. W. Holmes, Jr.

E. L. Bowker '01, "Prisoner of Chillon," Lord Byron.

J. G. Brackett '01, "Public Opinion," Wendell Phillips.

O. W. Branch '01, "The Corporal at Chancellorsville," John R. Paxton.

W. Catchings '01, "The Race Problem," Henry W. Grady.

H. J. Davenport '00, "Cyrano's Theory of Life," E. Rostand.

A. M. Fairlie '00, "The Military Spirit in America," Chauncey M. Depew.

W. T. Foster, '0J, "Memorial Day," John D. Long.