Lodgings for Cubans.

The following circular containing information relating to the lodging of the Cuban teachers who attend the Summer School this year, was sent out to Cambridge householders yesterday: HARVARD UNIVERSITY,   CAMBRIDGE, MAY 3, 1900.

It is expected that 1.50 Cuban teachers will be receiving instruction in Harvard University for six weeks this summer, beginning July 3 or thereabouts, at least three-fifths of whom will be women. It is proposed to lodge the women in private houses within easy reach of Harvard square, not more than two persons in a room, and each person to have a separate bed. Each person is to be supplied with everything necessary for comfortable lodging, and with coffee or chocolate and rolls every morning. (Luncheon and dinner will be provided every day in Memorial Hall). Houses in which there are to be no male boarders will be preferred.

For these accommodations a weekly price to be agreed upon in each case will be paid by the University for each person, except as rooms may be offered gratuitously. No charges whatever are to be paid by the teachers themselves. Medical attendance will be promptly furnished from the University office, if any be necessary.

Hospitality on the part of Cambridge householders towards these Cuban women will, in the judgment of the President and Fellows, materially promote the success of the whole undertaking, which is essentially an effort to render some direct service to the people of Cuba through their new schools.

Very few of the Cuban teachers will understand English on their arrival, and most of them will never have been away from home. They will, therefore, need much friendly guidance and sympathy, which cannot possibly be paid for.


Householders who desire to co-operate in this undertaking, are requested to communicate with Mr. C. C. Mann, 19 Grays Hall, Cambridge.