Newell Rowing Plans.

The men rowing at the Newell who were not taken on the University crew squad have been graded into two eights, and a third eight, made up of all extra men, will probably be formed at once.

About May 30 it is intended to have a race between these and similar crews from the Weld and B. A.A., and at sometime during the season a race with the Freshman crew will be arranged. The Newell crews will also enter the Metropolitan Regatta on June 17.

Vail will spend his entire time, from now on, in coaching these eights, and any Newell men dropped from the University squad, will row with them.

The orders of the two crews which will be formed today are:

First--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Swaim; 6, Gale; 5, Merritt; 4, R. Lawrence; 3, Morris; 2, Cunningham; bow, Hawkins.


Second--Stroke, Gerrish; 7, Platt; 6, E. E. Smith; 5, Rainsford; 4, Brigham; 3, Ware; 2, Champolion; bow, Jackson.