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The Yale Alumni Weekly makes the following forecast of the dual games next Saturday:

"Both universities have been weakened by the graduation of several of last year's point winners, but Harvard's losses promise to be more severely felt than Yale's. The large number of new and untried men whose names appear in the entry lists, makes it very difficult to attempt a forecast of the result, but a review of the performances in Yale's interclass games April 28 and in the trial meets held at Harvard last month, indicate that the contest will be very close, with the chances slightly in favor of Yale.

"Yale's strongest men in the hundred-yards dash will be Blount, Dupee and Richards. Blount, who showed himself a consistent performer last season, at a 10 1-5 mark, should win the event, although Butler, Harris, Sprague and Haigh are expected to secure at least one point for Harvard. Sprague's injured leg and the possibility that Haigh will be saved for the quarter, make the placing of the men a very difficult task.

"It is safe to count on Boardman to win the 220-yard dash for Yale, but Clerk or Butler of Harvard, will probably secure one of the other places over Gleason and Dupee of Yale. The quarter-mile should also go to Yale, through Boardman's speed. The other likely men in this event are Haigh and Clerk of Harvard, and Luce, Johnson, Thomas and Brennan of Yale, though it may be decided to put the last named man in the half.

"The Yale half-milers, Smith, Poynter, Richardson, Ferry, and possibly Brennan and Thomas, will have Swan, Blakemore, Applegate, Ledyard and Walsh as their opponents. On form, Smith should be an easy winner. At this writing the other places are uncertain.

"Clark, Knowles and Williams, of Harvard, and Speer and Weston, of Yale, are the probabilities in the mile. Clark should win the race.

"The recent performances of Foote and Richardson of Harvard indicate that they will finish first and second respectively in the two-mile run. Teel or Waldron of Yale may land third place from Blakemore of Harvard. Were it not for complications with the college authorities, which have rendered Strong and Chittenden unavailable, Yale's chances in this event would be much brighter.

"Fincke, Yale, and Hallowell, Harvard, ran over the high hurdles within inches of each other in New Haven and later in England last year. An equally close race may be expected at Cambridge, with Willis, Harvard, and Thomas, Yale, well up.

"Hallowell will, in all probability, win the 220-yard hurdles. The race between Willis and Thomas for second place promises to be a close one, though Webb, Hubbard or Ristine of Harvard may score.

"Daly, Ristine, Shirk, Harris and Murphy of Harvard, have all covered distances in the broad-jump greater than any recorded in New Haven this spring, and it seems that the eight points will go to Harvard, though Yale may produce a third place man.

"The high jump too promises to be a strong event for Harvard with Rice and Rotch close for first place. Taintor or Duval, Yale, however, may out-jump Ellis, Glidden, Ware and Derby for the one point.

"Johnson, Adriance and Hord will make the pole-vault solid for Yale, unless Hoyt of Harvard, finally decides to compete. In that case Harvard may secure second place.

"Stillman's consistent work in the hammer-throw should give Yale the five points in this event. Boal of Harvard, however, will push him for the place, with Brown, Harvard, or Clark, Yale, third.

"Beck, Yale, will win the shot-put, with the other points doubtful between Boal and Ellis of Harvard and Francis of Yale.

"A review of the events shows that Yale may be expedted to show especial strength in the sprints, middle-distance runs, weights and pole-vault, while Harvard will depend for her points on the long runs, the hurdle races and the two jumps."

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