Final Class Debate.

The final interclass debate and Pasteur medal contest will take place Friday evening at eight o'clock in the Fogg Lecture Room. The Seniors and Sophomores will debate for the class championship, and the best speaker of the evening will be awarded the Pasteur medal. This medal was established by Baron Pierre de Coubertan to be awarded annually after a competitive debate on a subject chosen from contemporary French politics. It was awarded last year for the first time.

The subject for the debate will be: "Resolved, That a Franco Russian alliance, defensive and offensive, would be for the best interests of France." The Sophomores had choice of sides and selected the negative.

The Senior team is composed of J. Frank, P.A. Atherton, A.L. Becker, and L. K. Clark alternate, who have been coached by E. Mayer '00. The Sophomore team will be P. E. Fitzpatrick, I. Grossman, and E. H. Letchworth. The alternate has not yet been selected. H. P. Chandler '01 has coached the team.

The judges will be: Hon. John W. Hammond, of the Massachusetts Supreme Court; Professor F. C. de Sumichrast, of the French Department; and Professor George P. Baker, of the English Department. S. B. Rosenthal 2L., president of the University Debating Club, will preside. While the judges are out, cups will be awarded to both teams for winning the Senior-Junior and Sophomore-Freshman debates.