Rowing Yesterday.

The University crew squad rowed yesterday afternoon in two eights, with little change from the order of last week. Higginson has not yet begun work again, but there is little doubt that he will stroke the final eight.

The order of the two eights as they rowed yesterday was:

Stroke, G. Bancroft; 7, Sheafe; 6, H. Bancroft; 5, Ladd; 4, Bullard; 3, Wood; 2, Emory; bow, Goodell.

Stroke, Evans; 7, Biddle; 6, Burton; 5, Lawrence; 4, Henderson; 3, DuBois; 2, Harding; bow, Martin.

At the Weld yesterday, senior, intermediate and junior crews rowed in the following order:


Senior--Stroke, Morrill; 7, Grew; 6, Ivins; 5, Colby; 4, Brooks; 3, Sherburne; 2, Wadsworth; bow, Blake.

Intermediate--Stroke, Gray; 7, Richardson; 6, Hart; 5, Hosley; 4, McGrath; 3, Lovejoy; 2, Covel; bow, Stedman.

Junior -- Stroke, T. D. Roberts; 7, Francis; 6, Farlow; 5, Morse; 4, Warner; 3, Hosmer; 2, Barnes; bow, Thornton.

There was so large a number of men left over that other eights will probably be organized later.