The Shakespeare Club has elected the following officers: President, T. J. Eastman '01; secretary, J. A. Dix '02; librarian, C. M. Clark '01. Professor Kittredge has been elected an honorary member.

The Advocate has recently received a dozen handsome pewter cups with the Advocate seal wrought on the faces, the gift of T. T. Baldwin '86, a graduate editor. With these and the photographs of former boards of editors the sanctum has lately been greatly improved.

The first and second University crews had a time row yesterday afternoon. The first crew gave the second 22 seconds start, and finished a little over a length behind. The time made by the first crew was 17m. 35s. for the three and three-eighths miles course. Following is the order: First crew--Stroke, Higginson; 7, Sheafe; 6, H. Bancroft; 5, Ladd; 4, Lawrence; 3, Wood; 2, Bullard; bow, Biddle. Second crew--Stroke, G. Bancroft; 7, Goodell; 6, Shuebruk; 5, McConnell; 4, Henderson; 3, Emory; 2, Evans; bow, Harding.

The Yale University eight and four and the Freshman eight will leave for New London on Thursday, June 7. The men will occupy the same quarters as last year. One or two changes have lately been made in the boat. Niedecken left the boat temporarily a few days ago, but is now back again. During Niedecken's absence Atkinson went in at 3 and Mitchell took Atkinson's place. Ackley has been tried at Hooker's place in the second.

The team which will represent Pennsylvania at the Paris exposition games has been selected and will consist of the following men: Hurdles and broad jump, A. C. Kraenzlein, W. P. Remington; sprints, T. B. McClain; runs, A. Grant, E. R. Bushnell; weights, J. C. McCracken, T. T. Hare. A meet will be held on June 12 to try the men in their several events and the men will leave for Europe on June 29. Several graduates will accompany the team, including J. W. B. Tewkesbury, J. K. Baxter and G. W. Orton.