Metropolitan Regatta Today

The annual metropolitan regatta will be held on the Charles River course this afternoon beginning at 2.30 o'clock. In seven of the eight events--which will be contested Harvard men, rowing from the Weld or the Newell clubs will compete. The entries and the order in which the races will be pulled off are: 1--novice singles: H. G. Hart, Jr., and C. W. Locke, Weld; 2 -- intermediate fours: Weld and Union B. C.; 3 -- junior singles: J. Burroughs, Weld; 4 -- four oar working boats (no Harvard entries); 5--junior eights: Weld, Newell, and interscholastic second crews; 6--intermediate eights: Weld, Newell, and Shawmut clubs; 7--senior singles: F. J. Snite, Weld; 8 -- senior eights: Weld, Millstream B. C., and interscholastic first crew.

The single scullers will meet all comers in their classes. The races will follow each other as rapidly as possible, and will all be one mile and a half in length. The eights will row the distance straightaway, finishing at the Union Boat Club, but the other races will be rowed with a turn, starting and finishing at the Union Boat Club at Arlington street. The orders of the Harvard crews are:

Weld senior--Stroke, Morrill; 7, R. F. Blake; 6, Burton; 5, Colby; 4, Holden; 3, Ivins; 2, Evans; bow, G. Blake; cox., Goodwin.

Weld intermediate--Stroke, Roberts; 7, Richardson; 6, Covel; 5, Grew; 4, Brooks; 3, Lovejoy; 2, Swan; bow, Morison; cox., Kelly.

Newell intermediate--Stroke, Gerrish; 7, Swaim; 6, Gale; 5, Randolph; 4, Gregg; 3, Clark; 2, Smith; bow; L. Jackson; cox., E. Jackson.


Weld junior--Stroke, Wolcott; 7, E. F. DuBois; 6, Pumpelly; 5, Francis; 4, Farlow; 3, Morse; 2, Barnes; bow, Peabody; cox., Davidge.

Newell junior -- Stroke, Brigham; 7, Nichols; 6, Sweetser; 5, Brown; 4, D. DuBois; 3, Bard; 2, Bryant, bow, Pope; cox., G. Shattuck.