The Order of Events Today and During Commencement Week.

Friday, June 22.

Class Day Exercises. Prayer by the Rev. Francis G. Peabody, D.D.--Oration by Raynal Cawthorne Bolling.--Poem by Walter Conrad Arensberg.--Ivy Oration by Murray Seasongood.--Ode by Bartlett Brooks. Sanders Theatre, 11 a. m.

9. a. m. The Senior Class will assemble in front of Holworthy and march to Appleton Chapel where prayer will be offered by the Rev. Francis G. Peabody, D.D.

10.15. Sanders Theatre will be open to ticket-holders.

10.55. Sanders Theatre will be closed to all but Seniors.


10.45. The Senior Class will assemble in front of Holworthy and march to Sanders Theatre.

2 p. m. The Yard will be cleared and tickets will be required of all persons found in the Yard, and of those who enter thereafter.

2-5. Music in the Yard.

4. Seniors assemble in front of Holworthy.

4.30. Seats around the Statue will be open to ticket holders.

4.45. Graduates, classes and Glee Club assemble in the Yard.

4.45. Graduates, the three lower classes and the Glee Club march to the Statue. Seniors, led by class officers, march around the Yard, cheering the buildings and the Tree.

5. Seniors march to the Statue.

7-9. President and Mrs. Eliot at home to all graduates and officers of the University and friends accompanying them, and to members of all classes graduating this year and friends accompanying them.

7-11. Music. Illumination in the Yard.