Interscholastic Games.

The New England Interscholastic Athletic Association will hold its annual meet on Soldiers Field on Saturday, June 9, at 2 p. m.

In the dashes the most prominent men are W. A. Schick (Andover), who has done the hundred yards dash in 10 seconds; W. D. Eaton (Somerville), and C. H. Wheeler (Worcester Academy). In the hurdles H. L. Gardner (Worcester Academy), who also holds the interscholastic record in the high jump, and J. N. Knibbe (Exeter), should win places. In the broad jump C. S. Fallows (Andover), has jumped over 21 feet repeatedly. In the shot-put and hammer throw the best men are R. P. Kinney (Andover), C. A. Leach (C.H.&L.;), E. A. Doyle (Chauncey Hall), and K. Brill (Exeter). W. M. Moran (Worcester High), and D. G. Crawford (Andover), are the fastest men in the middle distance runs. Andover should win the meet, with Worcester Academy and Exeter very close.

The officials will be as follows:

Referee--E. J. Wendell '82.

Judges at the finish--W. F. Garcelon L. S. '95, Lewis Bremer '96, J. H. Hallowell '01.

Field judges--R. S. Hale '91, S. G. Ellis '01, A. N. Rice '00, C. M. Rotch '01, W. A. Boal '00, H. J. Brown '02, C. N. Prouty '00.

Timers--J. G. Lathrop, F. M. Wood B. A. A., John Graham B. A. A.

Starter--John Bowler, Charlesbank Gymnasium.

Marshal--N. W. Bingham, Jr., '95.

Clerk of course--J. B. Moran.

Assistant clerks of course--D. G. Harris '00, T. Gerrish '01, J. G. Willis '02, R. L. Mason '00, R. W. Bliss '00, G. G. Hubbard '00.

Inspectors--A. G. Mason '00, H. B. Clark '01, C. D. Draper '00, F. H. Bigelow '98.

Announcer--R. B. Ogilby '02.

Scorers--E. Pettus '01, DeL. P. White '01, E. H. Webb '01.

All men who will be unable to serve are requested to notify T. Gerrish, 1 Russell Hall, at once.