Overseer's Appointments.

The following appointments have been made by the Board of overseers:

Administrative Boards.

For Harvard College--L. B. R. Briggs, dean; H. C. de Sumichrast, R. W. Willson, C. P. Parker, Charles Gross, C. H. Grandgent, A. C. Coolidge, L. J. Johnson, C. B. Gulick, A. B. Nichols, J. H. Gardiner, R. D. C. Ward, F. N. Robinson, C. H. C. Wright, Charles Palache, Richard Cobb, Frank Russell, George W. Cram.

For the Lawrence Scientific School--N. S. Shaler, dean; I. N. Hollis, H. L. Warren, H. L. Smyth, R. T. Jackson, G. H. Parker, C. A. Adams, C. R. Sanger, H. C. Bierwirth, J. L. Love.

For the Graduate School--John, H. Wright, dean; C. H. Toy, C. L. Jackson, W. M. Davis, W. E. Byerly, Minton Warren, H. C. G. von Jagemann, E. H. Strobel, A. B. Hart, G. L. Kittredge, Hugo Munsterberg.

For the Medical School--W. L. Richardson, dean; J. C. Warren, E. S. Wood, F. C. Shattuck, W. F. Whitney, C. M. Green, Charles Harrington, Franklin Dexter, F. B. Mallory.

For the Dental School--Eugene H. Smith, dean; Thomas Fillebrown, C. A. Brackett, W. B. Hills, E. C. Briggs, W. P. Cooke, W. H. Potter, D. M. Clapp, W. E. Boardman.

For the Veterinary School--Charles P. Lyman, dean; W. F. Whitney, F. H. Osgood, Langdon Frothingham, Allen Cleghorn, H. C. Smith, A. J. Sheldon, C. W. Prentiss.

Members of the Council of the Library for three years--Charles Eliot Norton, Crawford H. Toy, W. M. Davis, F. W. Taussig; M. H. Morgan, G. L. Kittredge.

Committee on Athletic Sports.--Ira N. Hollis, E. H. Hall and A. C. Coolidge of the faculty, and J. J. Storrow '85, R. W. Boyden '85 and B. G. Waters '94 of the graduates.

Other appointments.--M. H. Bailey, M. D., medical visitor; T. A. Jaggar, Jr., instructor in geology; W. H. Potter, assistant professor of operative dentistry; W. P. Cooke, assistant professor of mechanical dentistry; Richard Cobb, instructor in English.