Peabody Museum

The Peabody Museum has received a number of gifts during the summer, some of which will form very valuable additions. The most important is the collection brought by Professor Agassiz on his return from his expedition in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the objects were taken from Western Polynesia and the Caroline Islands. They consist of domestic utensils, ornaments and weapons of all kinds. Dr. Woodworth of the Geological Department accompanied Professor Agassiz and collected many very odd objects through personal visits to the natives.

Another interesting collection is one made by Mr. C. B. Moore '73, of Philadelphia, who has been exploring the west coast of Florida.

The Peabody Museum expeditions to Honduras and Mexico have sent book a great many ethnological objects, some of which were obtained from native Indians and others dug from ruins.

There are many other smaller gifts and these together with the others are now being catalogued. They will be put on exhibition this fall.