Hockey Team Wins.

The University hockey team defeated a Law School team on Saturday afternoon by a score of 4 to 3. The game was begun on the hockey rink, but on account of the poor condition of the ice it was transferred to the Freshman football field where a large sheet of ice had formed.

The Law School started off well on the rink and soon scored three goals to Harvard's one. Harvard scored once more during the first half, on the football field.

During the second half the play was much delayed by the fact that there were no side boards on the ice to keep the puck within bounds. Harvard scored once early in the half, and again towards the end on a very close decision by the goal-judge.

The teams played as follows: University; forwards, Rumsey, Goodridge, Pruyn, Laverack: cover-point, Penhallow; point, Barrows, (Litchfield); goal, Manning, (Barrows).

Law School; forwards, Stanwood, Stoddard, Holt, Hunt; cover-point, Walworth; point, Vanderpool; goal, cogswell.