W. C. Carroll, champion high-jumper at Princeton, who has cleared over 6 ft. 2 in. in the high-jump, is now in the Law School.

There is a movement on foot to give cups to the members of last year's baseball nine. A blue-book for subscriptions has been placed at Leavitt's.

Contributions to the Yale bi-centennial fund now amount to $35,000. Besides this, $25,000 has recently been presented to the university by A. G. Vanderbit, to be used for the bi-centennial fund or for any other purpose desired by the Yale authorities.

The New York Herald recently offered prizes for the best rhymed translation of "La Couse des Grands Masques" a poem on automobile racing, written by Gaiten do Moauine for the Paris "Cadet." The first prize of five hundred francs has been awarded to George Allan England '02. A second rendering by the same author using American slang terms, was given honorable mention.