Princeton Athletic News.

The men who are trying for positions on the University relay team which will enter the Boston Athletic Association games to run against Cornell have begun preliminary training. Of the team which won the two mile intercollegiate championship at the relay races held at the University of Pennsylvania last spring, H. T. Willis '01 and J. M. Perry '03 are still at Princeton. Besides these men fourteen candidates are trying for the relay team, eight of whom are Freshmen. The team will be picked about February 8.

The plans for the new gymnasium have been completed under the supervision of an alumni committee. The gymnasium will be connected with the Brokaw Memorial Building by a covered passage, and men will thus be able to go from the floor of the gymnasium to the swimming tank without going outdoors. The subscription list for the building fund, which is growing steadily, now amounts to $30,000, and the committee hopes to raise an additional $200,000 by personal appeals and circular letters to the alumni.

Langdon Lea '96 will be head coach of the 1901 football eleven. Lea played tackle during his four years in college, captained the Princeton eleven in 1895, and coached the teams that defeated Yale in 1898 and 1899. He will have almost absolute control of the coaching at Princeton next fall and other graduates who assist in training the team will be under his general direction.

Arthur Hillebrand '00 will coach the university baseball team in the coming spring. Hillebrand will begin his work at Princeton on April 11, and will remain with the team until the end of the season. W. J. Clarke, the catcher of the Boston National League team, will superintend the preliminary work of the candidates from March 1 until the beginning of the Easter trip on April 2. Cage practice will begin on February 20.