Mid-Year Examinations.

Examinations begin at 9.15 a.m., except those specially announced below for 1.30 and 2.30 p. m. Examinations must not extend beyond three hours.

Regulations: "No student is permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by express direction of the instructor. No communication is permitted between students in the examination room on any subject whatever."

"A student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination, shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations." Examinations Today. Class. Phil. 38,  Steve 29 English 1,  Sever 29 German D,  Geol. Lect. Rm. French 1c:  Assignment of Rooms--French 1c. Adams to Harrison (inclusive),  Sever 23. Haught to Whiting,  Sever 24. History 21,  Div. Lib.4 Economics 1: Assignment of Rooms--Economic I. Abbott to Goldsmith (inclusive),  Upper Mass. Goldthwaife to McCabe (inclusive),  Lower Mass. McCall to Schefer (inclusive),  Sever 35. Schwarz to Tobey (inclusive),  Harvard 5. Todd to Zelle,  Harvard 6. Economics 12a,  Upper Dane Music 2,  Holden Mathematics 22,  Holden Engineering 5c,  Sever 5 Engineering 12b,  Lawrence 1 Physics 6,  Sever 17 Chemistry 2: (Assignment of Rooms -- Chemistry 2.) Bancroft to Langmaid (inclusive),  Sever 17. Leopold to Yates,  Sever 18. Chemistry 5,  Upper Dane Geology 8,  Geol. Lab. Mining 4,  Rotch Bldg. Archaeology 1,  Sever 6.   2.30 P. M. History 1: (Assignment of Rooms--History 1.) Acosta to Fisher (inclusive)  Upper Mass. Fitts to Kaufman (inclusive)  Lower Mass. Keffer to G. T. Otis (inclusive),  Geol. Lect. Rm. H. Otis to Sawyer (inclusive),  Harvard 6. Scammel to Torrey (inclusive),  Upper Dane. Tower to Young,  Harvard 5. Fine Arts 4: (Assignment of Rooms Fine Arts 4.) Ayres to Jaynes (inclusive),  Sever 35. Jenkins to Movius (inclusive),  Sever 30. Nicman to Safford (inclusive),  Sever 29. Sawyer to A. P. Wadsworth (inclusive)  Sever 18. W. Wadsworth to Zanetti,  Sever 17.

Examinations Tomorrow. German 3,  Lower Mass. French A,  Upper Mass. French 1a,  Lower Mass. Rom. Phil. 5,  Lower Mass.