Insufficient Foot At Memorial.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

It is with reluctance that I find it necessary to enter in your columns a protest against the present management of the Memorial Dining Association. It must have become apparent, however, to the students eating at Memorial, that at all times this autumn food has "run short," and that this inconvenience has occurred with annoying frequency within the last few days. It happens every day now, that the man who is so unfortunate as to arrive so late as 1.10 for lunch finds everything has "Fun out," and is fed with any scraps his waiter may have the ingenuity to gather. At dinner time the story is apt to be repeated if the student fails to arrive before a quarter past six.

Complaints at the auditor's office appear to be unavailing; but I hope that some change in this obviously unfair and very deplorable practice may be affected through your influence. 1903.