Pennsylvania Game Tickets.

Applecations from graduates and members of the University for reserved seats at the Pennsylvania football game to be played at Franklin Field. Philadelphia, on Saturday, November 9, will be received at the athletic office in the basement of the Union from now until 5 p.m., Saturday, November 2.

Each application must be sent as follows: With remittance for the exact amount of the tickets ordered, with a stamped envelope addressed to the applicant, and with an addressed postal card if the applicant desires his application acknowledged. Applicants wishing seats together must enclose their applications together. All seats on the field will be reserved. There will be no printed application blanks.

There will be, from November 4 to November 6, a sale of all unsold seats at Leavitt & Peirce's in Cambridge, and at Wright & Ditson's and the Boston Athletic Association in Boston.

The price of each seat is 82.00. Boxes holding 10 people are $25.00 each. Tickets will be sent by registered mail if postage stamps, to the amount of eight cents, in addition to the regular postage, are put on the addressed envelope. Every two tickets require two cents postage.

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