Graded Crews to Row at 3.15 and 3.40 from Longwood Bridge.

The annual fall regatta of the Newell and Weld graded crews will be held this afternoon. The course will be the regular one of 1 7-8 miles, starting at the Longwood Bridge and finishing at the Union Boat Club. At 3.15 the third and fourth Newell and the third, fourth and fifth Weld crews will be sent off. The first and second crews are to start at 3.40.

The positions of the crews are as follows, beginning from the Beacon street wall: First race--1, Fifth Weld; 2, Fourth Newell; 3, Fourth Weld; 4, Third Weld; 5, Third Newell. Second race--1, Second Weld; 2, Second Newell; 3, First Newell; 4, First Weld. The officials for the races are: Referee, G. Mumford '87; timekeepers, H. Bancroft '98 and A. Stevens '97; judges at finish, R. F. Manning '04 and H. R. Sedgwick '04.

The crews appear to be fairly evenly matched. The Weld have had fewer changes made during the season than the Newell crews and consequently row better together. Also there has been more material to pick from at the Weld, although the first Newell has more experienced oarsmen than the first Weld. The chief fault of the first Weld is its slow, lifeless stroke, which causes the men to hang at the full reach and to lack leg-drive. The first Newell has more snap, but is inclined to slump and to wash out at the finish.

Both the second crews are inclined to rush, but the second Weld is better together and keeps the boat more steady than the second Newell.

Of the third crews the Weld seems to have the advantage. It has plenty of life and keeps better time than the third Newell.

The fourth Newell and the fourth and fifth Weld crews are unknown quantities. They all have poor form owing to the lack of coaching this year. The orders of the crews are as follows:

First Weld--Stroke, Wolcott; 7, Bancroft; 6, Francis; 5, Colby; 4, Hartwell; 3, Lindsley; 2, Covel; bow, George; cox., Kelley.

First Newell--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Ayer; 6, Bullard; 5, Swaim; 4, Gregg; 3, Morris; 2, Phillips; bow, Smith; cox., Jackson.

Second Weld--Stroke, Macomber; 7, Maltby; 6, Greenough; 5, Ells; 4, Bent; 3, Peabody; 2, Farlow; bow, De Rham; cox., Chase.

Second Newell--Stroke, Roosevelt; 7, Welldon; 6, Nickerson; 5, Clark; 4, Davie; 3, Cruger; 2, Hunt; bow, Atwater; cox., Ivy.

Third Weld--Stroke, Taft; 7, May; 6, Piper; 5, Roberts; 4, Cobb; 3, Corbett; 2, Jackson; bow, Williams; cox., Flint.

Third Newell--Stroke, Letchworth; 7, Wolcott; 6, Sweetzer; 5, Bard; 4, Stevens; 3, James; 2, Dill; bow, Hall; cox., Brown.

Fourth Weld--Stroke, McAvity; 7, Ernst; 6, Hatch; 5, Seeligson; 4, Robbins; 3, Sturgis; 2, Adams; bow, Perry; cox., Ellis.

Fourth Newell--Stroke, Durfee; 7, Fitzpatrick; 6, Perkins; 5, Olney; 4, Wait; 3, Otis; 2, Cook; bow, Williams; cox., Carleton.

Fifth Weld--Stroke, Wells; 7, Johnson; 6, Dickerman; 5, Trainer; 4, Hanchett; 3, Moses; 2, Higgins; bow, Williams; cox., Coryell.