Basketball News.

The basketball squad, which is composed of nearly 100 men, is practicing daily in the Gymnasium. At present the work is very rudimentary, consisting mostly of practice in passing the ball and tossing it into the basket. Several teams from each class have been made up, from which the teams will be selected for the interclass games to take place some time before Christmas. A University squad of twelve will be picked next week.

The prospects for a strong team this year are very good. Gilles, Fenwick and Hanavan of last year's team have returned, as have all of the 1904 team which defeated the Yale freshmen last year. Of the other teams in the intercollegiate league Princeton probably has the strongest team, Yale, Columbia and Cornell having lost many of their best men. The Dartmouth team, which has played together as it is for three years, will be the strongest opponent Harvard will meet in the New England League.

The Harvard part of the intercollegiate schedule, which has been provisionally arranged, is as follows:

Jan. 18.--Cornell at Cambridge.

Jan. 24.--Cornell at Ithaca.

Feb. 8.--Columbia at New York.

Feb. 20.--Yale at New Haven.

Feb. 22.--Princeton at Princeton.

March 5.--Columbia at Cambridge.

March 8.--Princeton at Cambridge.

March 18.--Yale at Cambridge.

The Harvard part of the New England League schedule is as follows:

Jan. 15.--Holy Cross at Cambridge.

Jan. 22.--Dartmouth at Cambridge.

Feb. 1.--Williams at Cambridge.

March 1.--Amherst at Cambridge.