Method of Assignment of Yale Game Seats.


To the Editors of the Crimson:

Every year we read that the seats for the big game of the season are "assigned by lot." Could you inform us as to the exact manner in which this is done. I think an article on the subject would be of great interest to practically all of your readers.


[After all the undergraduate ticket applications have been received they are collected in one receptacle and drawn at random. Thus no distinctions are made between any of the men applying. Applications are filled in the order of their drawing.

Before this allotment seats are reserved for members of the football squad and the coaches to the number of ten apiece. Members of the Freshman squad are treated simply as undergraduates and are allowed the same number (two) of tickets. It will be seen that undergraduates have first preference after players and coaches. Graduates have second preference.

It will be noted that men applying for a seat in the cheering section have a surer chance to secure a seat in the centre of the field.--ED.]