Original Plan Changed and a Smaller Vessel to be Chartered.

Conditionally upon the formation of a sufficiently large party, a geological and geographical excursion in the North Atlantic for the summer of 1901 was planned last January. It was proposed to hire a steamer of about 1000 tons specially adapted for ice navigation and capable of accommodating 60 men. The expedition was to visit Labrador, Greenland and Iceland. As only twenty-one men have signified their wish to go on this excursion the original plan has been abandoned and an alternative proposed.

It is planned that twenty men at a cost of 8500 apiece charter the steamer "Leopard," of 320 tones (gross) and explore the coasts of Greenland as far as Disko, of Baffin Land to the head of Frobisher Bay, and of Labrador, including Ungana bay and the high mountain ranges on the northern coast. The "Leopard" has sufficient coal capacity for this cruise, is built to penetrate ice-fields, and would be very roomy for a party of twenty. The chief aim of this expedition will be to combine geological sight-seeing with as much serious exploration as possible. If any of the party desire to hunt they will be put ashore where it is desired. The party will sail on or about June 25th, and return about September 20.

Those who intend to go must deposit $250 with Dr. R. A. Daly, leader of the expedition, before April 15.