The Pi Eta Play.

The cast of the second and third acts of this year's Pi Eta play, "The Viking," has been arranged as follows: ACT 1I. Leif Ericsson, the Viking,  T. Stensland 3L Tyrker; his confidant,  J.L. Kimbrough '02 Sigurd, the first mate,  F.M. Sawtell, '02 Po-ko-hok-it, the Indian Chief,  J.M. Ross '01 Gee-wotta-fake, the medicine man,  P.L. Fish '01 Vikings and Indians. ACT III. Leif Ericsson, the Viking,  T. Stensland 3L Tyrker,  J.L. Kimbrough '02 Professor Hasafad, the geologist,  J.C. Miller '01 Professor of History, A.B. Struse,  H.F. Hurlburt '01 Triptolemus B. Arnstormer, the threadbare Thespian,  J.M. Ross '01 Duke of Dedbroke, the Britisher,  P.L. Fish '01 Count Tuch Uhard, the French nobleman,  R.H. Grimes 2L Mr. R. E. Porter of the "Prevaricator,"  H.B. Ingalls '02 Will E. Pinch, "one of the finest,"  F.M. Sawtell '02 Mr. O.T.S. Toburn, the wheat king,  C.C. Brayton '01 Countess Uhard, (nee Dukehunter) his niece,  G. W. Knapp 2L. Miss Sylvia Dukehunter, her sister, and Toburn's heiress,  J.C. Chipman '01 Nodo Woodmarry, "in de chorus,"  W.H. Taylor '01 Miss Ida Know,  R.F. Jackson '03 Miss Merrie Stilly fe,  A.W. Denison '03 Boston girls and friends of Sylvia. Mr. Harry Brain,  I.T. Cutter '03 Mr. Art. Fuldodge,  R.O. Burton '01 Mr. Flip Butrich,  C.L. Ellison '01

College Students and others.

The dates of the performances have been arranged as follows: dress Rehearsal, April 9; Graduates' Night, April 12; Public performances--Chelsea, April 15; Worcester, April 16; Quincy, April 17; Boston, April 18 (matinee); Cambridge, April 23 and 25.

The scene of the second act of the play is laid on the North American coast in the early fall of the year 1001. The Indians see the Viking ship approaching. It draws near, and Leif, who with Tyrker, Sigurd and a crew of Vikings, has sailed from the village of Magnus Jarl in Norway to seek America, comes to the shore. At the invitation of Po-ko hokit, Leif and Tyrker go to see the Indian village.

This is Sigurd's opportunity. He has been waiting for a chance to cause a mutiny in the crew so that he may return victorious to Norway and wed the beautiful Sylvia, to whom Leif is betrothed. Sigurd incites the crew to mutiny and they engage the medicine man to offer Leif some drugged wine. Leif and Tyrker return at dusk and drink copiously of the wine and and Leif names the land "Wineland the Good." The drug has its effect and both drowsily fall on the rocks. They doze off to sleep as Sigurd and the Vikings go aboard ship and raise the sails.

The scene of the third act is Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, in the spring of the present year. Professor Hasafad is explaining to his class of students the theory he holds in regard to a large rock at the base of the Leif Ericsson statue. He has obtained permission to blow it open in order that his theory may be tested. He lights the fuse and the geological party retires to a safe distance. The rock splits open and Leif and Turker step forth. Hasafad runs up and recognizes Leif Ericsson. He is elated over his discovery, although Professor Struse denies the identity of Leif, inasmuch as the man does not resemble the statue.

Mr. Toburn, a Chicago wheat king, becomes interested and wishes to obtain Leif as a husband for his niece. Leif insists that he is engaged to the Norwegian Sylvia, daughter of Magnus Jarl, but he is told that she has been dead nearly nine hundred years. The Duke of Dedbroke, who wishes to wed Sylvia Dukehunter, causes a great deal of trouble, but finally, with the aid of Arnstormer, the Duke is thwarted and the young lady is betrothed to Leif.