Institute of 1770.

The ninth ten of the Institute of 1770, from 1903, was taken out last night in the following order:

1. W. C. Clark, Pittsburg, Pa.

2. E. Randolph, Philadelphia.

3. A. Derby, Boston.

4. W. S. Warland, Cambridge.

5. H. R. Ward, New York.

6. M. Hale, Albany.

7. E. C. Fitz, Boston.

8. P. H. Norton, Buffalo.

9. R. Inglis, Detroit.

10. H. U. Gade, Christiana, Norway.

Honoraries.--G. M. McConnell '01, H. P. Henderson '01, J. Foster, Jr. '02, P. W. Thomson '02, D. A. Baldwin '03.