Magazine Articles by Harvard Men.

Twenty eight prose articles and four poems by holders of Harvard degrees appear in the current magazines. The two reviews of Professor Wendell's "Literary History of America" by Professor Gates and W. D. Howells, in the "Critic" and the "North American Review," respectively, should prove of especial present interest. The detailed list of the contributions by Harvard men follows:

"The Critic"--"Professor Wendell's Literary History of America," by Professor L. E. Gates '84.

"Chatauquan"--"The Rivalry of Nations," by E. A. Start '93; "The Inner Life of Aeschylas," by H. N. Fowler '80; "Critical Studies in French Literature," by B. W. Wells '77.

"Forum"--"The Hague Peace Conference," by Edward Everett Hale '89.

"Popular Science Monthly"--"Two Contemporary Problems in Education," by Professor Paul H. Hanus; "The Planet Eros," by Professor Solon T. Bailey.

"Outing"--"Black Bear Shooting in Kashmir," by E. H. Litchfield "99; "Tent Life in the Himalayas," by W. H. Workman '73m; "Angling," by W. C. Harris '99; "The Thoroughbred," by W. H. Rowe '53.

"Bookman"--"In Youth," by Jonathan Leonard '96; "A Note on Stephen Crane," by J. D. Barry '88; "Drama of the Month," by Norman Hapgood '90.

"New England Magazine"--"Memories of Celia Thaxter," by John Albee '58.

"The Independent" (March 28)--"Railroad Rewards and Pensions," by W. A. Gardner '84.

"The Book Buyer"--"Mark Twain: More than Humorist," by R. E. Phillips '93.

"North American Review"--"Professor Barrett Wendell's Notions of American Literature," by W. D. Howells, h'67.

"Atlantic Monthly"--"The Weaker Sex," F. J. Stimson '76. "The Reconstruction Period" Reconstruction in South Carolina," by D. H. Chamberlain '64; "The Fountains and Streams of the Yosemite," by John Muir '96; "Fire of Apple-Wood," by M. A. DeWolfe Howe '87; "Two Schools," by Henry Van Dyke h'96.

"Ainslee's Magazine"--"Automobiles Today," by Edwin Emerson, Jr., '91;

"Everybody's Magazine"--"Why New York Needs Purifying," by Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, h'90.

"Harper's"--"The Editor's Chair," by W. D. Howells, h'67.

"World's Work"--"The Ratio of Education to Production," by C. W. Dabney '44, President of the University of Tennessee; "The Rise of the Russian Jew," by Hutchins Hapgood '92.

"Cosmopolitan"--"The Influence of Beauty on Love," by H. T. Finck '76.

"Argosy"--"The Majesty of Kings," W. A. Foster '98L.; "Ordered North," by F. R. Burton '82; "Violets," by Robert Herrick '90.