Northfield Student Conference.

The following men, who are now planing to attend the annual Northfield Conference to be held from June 28 to July 7 at East Northfield, Mass., have been appointed on the North filed Comittee to ensure a large representation from Harvard: J. E. N. Shaw 3L., L. Cogswell 2L., M. Donald 2L., A. J. Smith 2L., R. C. Thomas 3M., T. Takeda 1Dv., G. Bell'01, W. R. Lawrence '01, C. A. McAlpine '01, S. Thurber '01, L. D. Chapin '02, W. M. Crane '02, F. Kimball '02, O. G. Frantz '03, R. Derby '03, T. Perry '03, C. C. Scheffy '03, L. Brown '04, J. G. Page 04, F. D. Roosevelt '04, E. V. R. Thayer '04.

E. C. Carter 1G., is chairman and E. E. Coolidge 1L. treasurer of the committee.

From present indications it is certain that the conference this year will be the most successful ever held. Over 600 students, representing 100 schools, colleges and universities in Canada and the East, will be present. Among the speakers already announced are Campbell Morgan of London, Dr. Maltbre D. Babcock of New York, President Seth Low of Columbus, Robert E. Speer of New York; and Dr. Alexander McKemais of Cambridge. The fact that John R. Moss of the World's Christian Student Federation will preside as and direct the conference augure well for the success.

The primary and avowed purpose of the conference is of course spiritual. Whatever a man's faith of creed, if he really wishes to possess a greater, deeper knowledge of the Christian religion, he is welcome at Northfield. For this purpose there are meetings and conferences during the forenoons for those who wish to specialize in some form of religious activity, as, for instance, mission work, a Bible Study course, and so on. At eleven o'clock there is a general "plat from meeting, " at which an address is made by some speaker of national reputation and real power. In the evening at sunset there takes place the "Round Top" meeting, at which the college student's greatest problem--his life work--is discussed. After this comes the delegation meeting, where students from each college, assembled separately, discuss the problems of their own institutions.

The whole afternoon is given up to recreation. There is a series of baseball games between the different colleges, a track meet, a tennis tournament, and there are also abundant facilities for swimming and mountain-climbing. On the Fourth of July there is a celebration, in which all the institutions compete for the best exhibition.

The conference will be held on the grounds of the North filed Seminary, and the delegates will be quartered in its dormitories. Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania and Cornell will occupy Weston Hall; Yale, East Hall; Williams, Columbia, Amherst, Brown, Wesley an and the other colleges, Marquand and Stone Halls.

The price for board and room for the ten days, during which the conference lasts, is &12.00. All delegates are expected to pay in addition a registration fee of 30.00, to cover the general expenses of the conference. As the best assignments are made to those who send in their registration fees early, it is desirable that the fees be remitted at once. They should be sent to E. E. Coolidge 1L., Grays 38. Men who contemplate attending the conference can get particulars from the chairman of the committee any morning between 10.30 and 12.30 in the Christian Association office in Brooks House.