Recognition for Strong Men.


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To the Editors of the Crimson:

The following are reasons why the Strength Test Team ought to be recognized:

First-The awarding of insignia to strong men would have the effect of causing men not engaged in other branches of athletics to train and thus offer a new source for supplying strong men to the football, rowing and other teams.

Second--The method of testing men originated here at Harvard under Dr. Sargent and has been widely adopted. Four universities, the Civil Service and many gymnasiums use this method and those members who have trained under it ought to be recognized.

Third--The Strength Test is a recognized competition between four universities and those men who made the list did so in a competition where 10,000 men competed and are as deserving as those who made a place on other teams where the competition is not so great.

This year's team, without hope of reward, but out of pure college enthusiasm raised their college ten thousand points in the struggle for the championship. Thus for this reason as well as to encourage men to train next year, this year's team ought to be recognized and given appropriate insignia. Yours respectfully,   H. E. J. '03.