H. Bancroft Tried at Stroke. -- Crew Leaves Cambridge June 12.

There were several changes made yesterday in the University crews, the most important being the trial of H. Bancroft at stroke of the first crew. The crews started out from the boathouse rowing in the same order as on Thursday, but on reaching the Union Boat Club, a number of changes were made. H. Bancroft went in at stroke in the first boat, and Blake at stroke of the second. McGrew took Bancroft's place at 6 in the first and Bullard McCrew's place at 3 in the second. E. C. Storrow '89 followed the crews in the launch, but most of the coaching was done y W. P. Hutchinson '89.

The crew will go to New London on the afternoon of June 12.

The orders yesterday were as follows:

First crew--Stroke, Brownell, H. Bancroft, 7, Ayer; 6, H. Bancroft, McGrew; 5, Lawrence; 4, Shuebruk; 3, Emory; 2, G. Bancroft; bow, Goodell.

Second crew--Stroke, Bullard, Black; 7, Loud; 6, James; 5, Henderson; 4, McConnell; 3, McGrew, Bullard; 2, Blake, Brownell; bow, Snite.

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