44 Points Scored in the Intercollegiate Meet.--Yale Second with 30 5-6.

Harvard for the fourth time won the intercollegiate track meet on Berkeley Oval, New York, Saturday afternoon. Harvard scored 44 points; Yale was second with 30 5-6 points; Princeton third, with 16 1-6; Cornell fourth, with 15; Georgetown fifth, with 10; and Michigan sixth, with 6 2-3. Harvard's victory was due to the consistent performances of the team in each event, rather than to the work of a few stars.

It was Harvard's first victory since 1892. The Mott Haven Cup was offered in 1890, to be the permanent property of the college winning it the most times in fourteen years. Harvard, Yale, and Pennsylvania have each won it four times.

The heavy rain which had covered the track with pools of water and spoiled the take-offs for the jumps, made record breaking impossible. However, in almost every event the performances were remarkable under the circumstances. Clapp of Yale, who won both hurdle races in fast time, was the best performer.

Harvard's work in the runs was especially good. Clark, in the mile, ran well within himself for the first three laps, and finished with a strong burst of speed. Knowles was a good fourth. Although Holland of Georgetown, won the quarter mile rather easily, the three Harvard men, Rust, Clerk, and Manson, obtained the other three places. In the two mile, Mills came in second after a fine sprint, and Swan finished fourth. Lightner was a close second to Duffy in the hundred yards dash, and also was fourth in the two-twenty. Converse and Willis ran second and third to Clapp in both of the hurdle races.

In the field events Harvard took several more points than was expected. Ellis and Rotch tied for second in the high jump, Boal was second in the hammer, and Robinson and Ellis third and fourth respectively in the shot put. There were no finals in the broad jump on Saturday owing to the poor condition of the ground, and it was decided to count the jumps made in the preliminaries on Friday as final. Ristine in this way won second place.

Summary of Events.

100 yards dash--Won by Duffy, Georgetown; Lightner, H., second; Dupee, Y., third; Sears, Cornell, fourth. Time, 10 1-5s.

220 yards dash--Won by Sears, Cornell; Dupee, Y., second; Cloudman, Bowdoin, third; Lightner, H., fourth. Time, 22 3-5s.

440 yards run -- Won by Holland, Georgetown; Rust, H., second; Clerk, H., third; Manson, H., fourth. Time, 51 3-5s.

880 yards run--Won by Perry, P.; Bellinger, Cornell, second; Franchot, Y., third; Nutter, Bowdoin, fourth. Time, 2m. 3 3-5s.

Mile run--Won by Clark, H.; Weston, Y., second; Bushnell, U. of P., third; Knowles, H., fourth. Time, 4m. 31 1-5s.

Two-mile run -- Won by Gallagher, Cornell; Mills, H., second; Williams, P., third; Swan, H., fourth. Time, 10m.

120 yards high hurdles--Won by Clapp, Y,, Converse, H., second; Willis, H., third; Fishleigh, Michigan, fourth. Time, 16 1-5.

220 yards low hurdles--Won by Clapp, Y.; Converse, H., second; Willis, H., third; Thomas, Y., fourth. Time, 25 2-5s.

High jump--Won by Jones, New York University, 5 ft. 9 1-2 in.; Mills, H., and Rotch, H., tied for second, 5 ft. 9 in.; Lowe, Syracuse, and Curtiss, P., tied for fourth, 5 ft. 7 1-2 in.