The 1902 Summer School.

Circulars have recently been issued giving a brief statement of the plans for the 1902 Summer School. About sixty courses will be given, in Modern and Ancient Languages, History and Government, Psychology, Education, Public Speaking, Mathematics, Designing, Music, Science, Geography and Physical Training. These courses will be conducted almost entirely by Harvard instructors. They will be especially adapted to meet the needs of teachers now in service and those who intend to become teachers. Several of the more elementary courses, however, are also intended for beginners. Some may be taken in place of the corresponding courses in Harvard College or Lawrence Scientific School, and may be counted for the degree of A.B. or S.B. In addition to the regular courses a series of lectures, open to all members of the school, will be given by superintendents and principals of schools on contemporary educational activities.

The exercises of the School will begin Saturday, July 5, and end Friday, August 15. During the session the College Library, the Museum of Zoology, the Peabody Museum, the Semitic Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, the Botanical Garden and the Mineralogical Collection will be accessible to students.

The committee in charge of the School consists of Professors N. S. Shaler, P. H. Hanus, C. R. Sanger, J. L. Love and B. S. Hurlbut. The regular catalogue giving descriptions of the courses and all information about the school will be ready in about a week and may be obtained by application to the clerk of the Summer School, Mr. J. L. Love at University 16.

At the University of Pennsylvania extensive plans have been made for the improvement of Franklin Field. It is proposed to build a gymnasium and permanent grand-stands, and to lay out athletic fields and a running track. To secure these improvements a 40 year lease of Franklin Field will be necessary; and that together with the improvements will cost about $520,000. $100,000 has already been raised; and the athletic committee has authorized the issue of five per cent. bonds to the extent of $275,000.