Hockey at Other Colleges.

The approach of the championship games of the Intercollegiate Hockey League, composed of teams representing Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton and Columbia, makes it interesting to note the progress of the teams Harvard is to meet.

Yale began practice early in November with five old players, Captain H. B. Stoddard '02, N. L. Snow '02 S. and F. C. Inman '02 S., forwards; G. B. Ward '02, point, and H. R. Stern '03, goal. Besides this good nucleus, there is an abundance of new material, so that the prospects for a strong seven are bright. During the recess Yale played four games in Pittsburg, and, although defeated in three, the team played exceptionally well for the early part of the season. The one victory was won from the All-Interscholastics by the score of 2 to 0, and the team was defeated by the Pittsburg A. C., 5 to 2; Bankers' Team, 3 to 2, and Keystones, 6 to 2. Before the western trip, Yale defeated the St. Nicholas Skating Club, 4 to 2, and lost to the New York A. C., 4 to 1.

Brown, one of the best teams in the league last year, will again be strong this year. All of last year's forwards are again playing, and the vacancies will be filled from a large field of new material. Brown has not played any regular games this year, so it is impossible to judge accurately the strength of the team.

Princeton has been handicapped this year by being compelled to go to New York for practice. However, with Ogden '02, Alexander '02 and Paul '03, the team will probably be up to the standard of last year. Princeton tied the St. Nicholas Skating Club, each scoring one goal.

The outlook for a successful hockey season at Columbia is fair. Nine men who showed ability last year are candidates for the team. Practice was begun on November 19.

The championship season opens on January 15, when Yale plays Princeton.