Magazine Articles by Harvard Graduates.

The following articles by Harvard graduates have appeared in October magazines:

Atlantic Monthly--"Montaigne," by H. D. Sedgwick, Jr., '82.

Scribner's -- "The Work of J. Q. A. Ward," by R. Sturgis '78; "Western Types," by Frederic Remington '88 M. S.

Century--"Autumn Matins," by C. H. Page '90; "Building New York's Subway," by A. Ruhl '99.

Harper's -- "Knickerbocker Era of American Letters," by G. E. Woodberry '77; "Love Triumphant," a poem by F. L Knowles '96.

World's Work -- "Labor Union Restriction of Industry," by M. G. Cunniff '98.

Outing--"Another Cricket Invasion of England," by J. A. Lester A.M. '98.

McClure -- "Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes," by A. C. Post '91 M.S.

Lippincott's--"The Sound of the Axe," a poem by F. S. Palmer '87; "Gratsy," a story by G. H. Preston '78.