Courses in Debating.

The English Department offers each year a series of courses in debating, which are a great aid both to men interested theoretically in the subject, and to those taking an active part in the work of the debating clubs.

The first of these courses is English 18, "The Forms of Public Address," given by Professor Baker. As its name implies, this course aims at the study of the forms of public address, and no actual speaking is required. The work of the course is conducted in two ways: first, by lectures which deal in the first half-year with speakers and writers of different times and countries, and in the second half-year mainly with Englishmen and Americans; and second, by a certain amount of written work, which includes two argumentative briefs and five arguments. Practice in composition of the eulogy, the after-dinner speech and the commemorative address is required. The course is open to an unlimited number of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

English 30, also conducted by Professor Baker, is a course in actual debating for which the number of students is limited to about thirty. It is given during each half-year as a half-course, but by special permission of the Department of English, both parts may be counted toward a degree. Except by special permission of the instructor. English 30 may be taken in the first half-year by those students only who have passed in English 18: but such men as have attained grade C for the first half of English 18, may take English 30 in the second half-year. In this course each student debates at least three times, and speaks several times from the floor. Regular attendance is a requirement of the course.

English 10, conducted by Mr. I. L. Winter, is a half course in "Public Speaking," and is intended for men somewhat advanced in platform speaking. The course should precede English 30, and may be taken as early as the Sophomore year. The number of students is necessarily limited, and only those for whom the training is to serve a special purpose are expected to apply for admission. Each student speaks formally once in two weeks some model address or an original composition of his own, and frequent opportunity is given after the regular speeches for impromptu discussion.

A number of voluntary classes in speaking are conducted by Mr. C. T. Copeland of the English Department each year. Mr. Copeland has announced the following hours for this year: For Seniors and Juniors in Harvard College, Mondays at 3.30, in Sever 11; for Law Students, Fridays at 3.30, in Sever 6; for Graduates and Seniors, Tuesdays at 12, in Sever 7; for Juniors, Thursdays at 11, in Sever 6; for Sophomores, Saturdays at 12, in Sever 7; for Freshmen, Thursdays at 12, in Sever 7, Fridays at 11, in Sever 11, and Fridays at 12, in Sever 11.