Debating Prizes.

The University and the University Debating Club have under their control each year the award of a certain number of debating prizes.

In 1899 Mr. T. Jefferson Coolidge '50 gave the University the sum of $5000, its income to be used to give a prize of $100 to the best speaker at each of the two series of trial debates for the choice of representatives in the annual Harvard-Yale and Harvard-Princeton debates.

In 1898 Baron Pierre de Coubertin established as a prize for debating the Pasteur Medal. The conditions governing its award call for a debate on some subject of contemporary French politics, the subject to be approved by the French Department, which is instructed to award the medal to the best speaker in the prize debate.

The University Debating Club has reserved a fund for the purpose of giving cups to members of victorious class teams. Gold medals are also given to the members of successful intercollegiate teams.