Summer School a Success.

The past session of the Summer School in Cambridge was more satisfactory than those in previous years. In spite of the small-pox scare in the first part of July, when the school opened, the attendance of 737 showed a slight gain over that of the preceding summer. Forty states and territories were represented and two foreign countries, Canada and Japan. The leading representations from the states were as follows: Massachusetts 236, New York 120 and Pennsylvania 61.

The largest registration in a single department was 204 in Physical Education under Dr. Sargent. The registration in the other leading courses was as follows: English 165, Theory of Design 80, Mathematics 70 and Education 70.

The morning prayers, which were held during the past summer for the first time, were greatly appreciated. Another pleasant part of the meeting was the reception held in the Gymnasium on the first Friday. Here members of the school had an opportunity to become acquainted before the work began.

The committee on the Summer School will meet next month to discuss plans for next year. It is probable that several new courses will be added to meet the increasing needs and to make possible a sequence of courses so that members may return for several successive years to advantage. A preliminary pamphlet will be issued the first part of December and the regular pamphlet will be issued in February. The committee is composed of the following: Professor Shaler chairman, Professor Hanus, Dean Hurlbut, and Assistant Professors Sanger and Love.