Yale and Columbia Defeated.--Finals Against Princeton Today.

MORRISTOWN, N. J., Oct. 21.. -- The seventh annual tournament of the Intercollegiate Golf Association, composed of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and Columbia, began today at the Morris County Golf Club, Morristown, N. J. The weather was clear and generally favorable to good playing, although there was very high wind all day. Three team matches were played in the preliminary and first rounds, the results of which were as follows: In the preliminary round Harvard defeated Columbia, 16 to 1 1-2; in the first round Princeton defeated Pennsylvania, 15 1-2 to 0, and Harvard defeated Yale, 7 to 5 1-2. The Harvard-Yale match was the closest that has been played between the two colleges since 1898, when Harvard and Yale tied at Ardsley in the intercollegiate tournament. The finish of the last match between Brown and Potter was very exciting, for all the other matches were finished and Harvard was one hole to the good. Brown and Potter were even when they played the last hole and both knew that the result of the whole match depended on which of them won his match. The last hole was halved in four, giving the victory to Harvard by one hole, or one and one half points.

The manner of scoring is the same as that used in the intercollegiate tournament last year. It consists in counting one point for every match and half a point for every hole.

The individual scores of the three matches played yesterday were as follows:

In the Harvard-Columbia match: HARVARD.  COLUMBIA. Hollins,  3  Nash,  0 Murdock,  1 1-2  Jackson,  0 H. C. Egan,  0  Glenny,  1 1-2 Chick,  2  Slosson,  0 W. E. Egan,  3 1-2  Stevens,  0 Brown,  6  Blake,  0 Totals,  16  1 1-2

In the Princeton-Pennsylvania match: PRINCETON.  PENNSYLVANIA. Reinshaw,  3 1-2  McFarland,  0 Conkling,  2 1-2  Naylor,  0 Pyne,  2  Calven,  0 Poole,  2 1-2  Hill,  0 Baker,  3 1-2  Lindsey,  0 Garretson,  1 1-2  Castner,  0 Totals  15 1-2  0


In the Harvard-Yale match: HARVARD.  YALE. Hollins,  0  Hitchcock,  2 Murdock,  0  Campbell,  1 1-2 Chiek,  3 1-2  Behr,  0 H. C. Egan,  3 1-2  Bates,  0 W. E. Egan,  0  Jennings,  2 Brown,  0  Potter,  0 Totals,  7  5 1-2

Today Harvard will meet Princeton in the final round of 36 holes, and judging from the playing today the match should be exceedingly close. As Winston was suffering from a stiff neck this morning his place was taken by Chick.