H. A. A. Tickets.

H. A. A. membership tickets are on sale only at Leavitt's. These tickets will not be sold during the progress of a game, nor later than 1 p. m. on the day of a game.

The holders of H. A. A. tickets are entitled to the following privileges for the year ending July 1, 1903:

1. Admission to all football games in Cambridge, including that with Pennsylvania.

2. Admission to all baseball games in Cambridge, including these with Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania.

3. Membership in either the Weld or Newell Boat Club.

4. Admission to all track games in Cambridge.

5. Preference in the choice of seats on the observation train for the Harvard-Yale race at New London.

Football season tickets are now on sale at Leavitt's, Amee's and at the Co-operative, and in Boston at Wright & Ditson's. Price, $3.00 each.