Co-operative Plan Desirable.


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To the Editors of the Crimson:

To my mind, the present plan should receive the support of all members of the Co-operative Society, including those of us who were opposed to the former plan, for it adopts as nearly as Massachusetts law will allow, the suggestions made by those in opposition to the first plan. It is wisely urged that under incorporation the members will be relieved of personal liability and the Society will be rescued from its present loose and indefinite form. In addition, the Society will be relieved of the revolutionary chances of an annual meeting, chances which have sometimes been more than theoretical.

Under the new plan the property and control of the Society will pass to stockholders who are not connected with the present directorate and who cannot be either directors or officers, a provision that the first plan omitted. The new stockholders are of course unpledged as to the men they will nominate for the first directors. No one doubts but that they will nominate the best men in the University. Doubtless they will also give careful consideration to names that members may suggest before the list of nominations is made public. However that may be, a vote at the coming election is a vote favoring the plan and the five stockholders. It is not a vote in favor of any directors, for none have yet been nominated. TRAVIS WHITNEY 2L.