Freshman Races Today

The races between the Weld and Newell Freshmen will take place this afternoon. At 3.30 o'clock the first crews of both clubs will row over the regular mile and seven-eighths course, starting at the Longwood bridge and finishing at the Union Boat Club. At 4 o'clock the second and third crews of both clubs will race over the mile course, starting at the Longwood Bridge and finishing at Harvard Bridge.

The orders in which the crews will row are as follows:

First Weld -- Stroke, Soule; 7, Burchard; 6, Shepard; 5, Holland; 4, McIntyre; 3, Corlett; 2, Gibson; bow, Judd; cox., Borden.

Second Weld--Stroke, L. W. Clark; 7, Pleasanton; 6, Field; 5, Parker; 4, Merrill; 3, Woodbridge; 2, Greene; bow, Towne; cox., Everett.

Third Weld -- Stroke, Dougherty; 7, Noyes; 6, Bird; 5, Abbott; 4, Burnett; 3, Mills; 2, Brown; bow, Snedeker; cox., Mullin.

First Newell -- Stroke, Chandler; 7, Flint; 6, Sabine; 5, Kellogg; 4, Switzer; 3, Cabot; 2, Shepard; bow, Zanetti; cox., Williams.

Second Newell--Stroke, Lounsbery; 7, Magruder; 6, Amory; 5, Barrows; 4, Gilbert; 3, Moriarty; 2, Whitney; bow, R. Withington; cox., Hall.

Third Newell -- Stroke, Reed; 7, Storms; 6, Whitney; 5, Head; 4, Ames; 3, Waldo; 2, Graves; bow, Smither; cox., Bonelli.