Weld Freshmen Win

The annual fall races between the Weld and Newell Freshmen took place yesterday afternoon and resulted in a double victory for the Weld. The course was somewhat ruffled by a slight wind, which, however, did not seriously affect the rowing.

The race between the first crews of both clubs was rowed over the regular mile and seven-eighths course, beginning at the Longwood Bridge and ending at the Union Boat Club and was close throughout, resulting in a victory for the Weld crew, by a quarter of a length. The Weld took a slight lead at the start and held it throughout the race, maintaining a high stroke of about 36 for the first mile. At the half-mile the Weld was about a length-ahead of the Newell, which was rowing a stroke of 32. After passing the bridge the Newell stroke dropped to 30 and the Weld crew began to gain. About half a mile from the finish, however, the Newell crept up until it was only a few feet behind, but the Weld made another gain and finished a quarter of a length ahead, in 10 minutes and 6 seconds. In the first part of the race the Weld time was unsteady, but after passing the bridge, it improved. The Newell crew rowed steadily, and with a long stroke.

The second race, between the second and third crews of both clubs, was won by the second Weld, which defeated the second Newell by about quarter of a length. The third Weld was third, and the third Newell fourth. This race was over the mile course beginning at the Longwood Bridge and ending at Harvard Bridge.

The orders of the winning crews were as follows:

First Weld--Stroke, Soule; 7, Burchard; 6, Shepard; 5, Holland; 4, McIntyre; 3, Corlett; 2, Gibson; bow, Judd; cox, Borden.

Second Weld--Stroke, Merrill; 7, Pleasanton; 6, Field; 5, Parker; 4, Clark; 3, Woodbridge; 2, Wright; bow, Towne; cox., Everett.