Tennis Courts on Soldiers Field.

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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Among other matters treated in the Graduate Manager's report for 1901-02 is the evident need for a great increase in our supply of tennis courts; and the Manager suggests that a number of new courts be built on Soldiers Field. There are, however, some very serious objections to this plan which should be considered thoroughly before any action is taken in the matter.

In the first place Soldiers Field is not a desirable place for tennis. During the spring and autumn there is usually a strong breeze blowing across the marshes, which would be very objectionable to the players, and would seriously hinder the game.

Then too, these courts would not be near the present ones on Jarvis Field, and it would be a great inconvenience for a man to have to go from one place to the other in search of a vacant court. Now if these new courts were to be built on Norton's Holmes or somewhere near Jarvis this difficulty would be done away with.

It is also much more convenient for most students to reach the region of Jarvis than to go down to Soldiers Field, and it is very doubtful if as many would take advantage of the courts if situated across the river as would be likely to do so if they were placed closer at hand. 1903.