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On the recommendation of the University Council, which is composed of professors and assistant professors in all departments of the University, and a few other University officers, the Corporation yesterday adopted the following permissive scheme for academic costume:

"Holders of degrees from Harvard University are entitled to the academic costumes described below:

"Gowns: A. B., S. B. and B. A. S.,--Black worsted stuff, with pointed sleeves; A. M. and S. M.,--Black silk, or worsted stuff, with long closed sleeves; Ph. D., S. D., M. D. V., M. D., LL. B., S. T. B., D. D. and LL. D.--Black silk, or worsted stuff with round open sleeves, faced down the front with black velvet, and with three black velvet bars across each sleeve.

"The School in which the degree was given is designated on all gowns by a conventional design known as a, double crow's-foot, to be placed on each side, in front, near the collar, and in color distinctive of the School, thus: Arts, white; science, gold-yellow; philosophy, dark blue; agriculture, golden brown; veterinary medicine, gray; dental medicine, lilac; medicine, green; law, purple; theology, scarlet; honorary LL. D. and D. D., a triple crow's-foot on each side.

Hoods: For all ordinary degrees--Black, the material being that of the gown, lined with crimson silk; three feet long for bachelors, three and one-half for masters, four for doctors and for the degrees of LL. B. and S. T. B. For honorary degrees--Black cloth lined with crimson silk. Caps: For all degrees--The usual academic cap of black cloth with a black tassel; or, for professors, assistant professors and other members of the University Council, the square soft cap of velvet.

"Members of the University Council, not doctors, or holding no degree from this University, are authorized to wear the doctor's gown with double crow's-foot of the color of the department to which they belong.

"Candidates for degrees may wear, on the day of their presentation, the gown but not the hood of the degree then to be received."

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