Fact and Rumor.

The Engineering Society has elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, N. B. Pope '03; secretary, A. G. McAvity '03; treasurer, D. S. Meem '03.

The Fogg Museum has lately received, as an addition to the Forbes collection, a small marble relief, which is an interesting and instructive example of later Greek sculpture. It will shortly be placed on exhibition in the hall of sculpture.

The Deutscher Verein will soon give a farce in one act entitled, "Monsieur Herkules." The cast of characters will be as follows: Mahlmann, W. T. Ruhl '03; Maus, W.F. Maag, Jr., '05; Schreier, R. Ernst '03; August, R. T. Crane '04; Haune, E. C. Froelich '03.

Several private laboratories, used by instructors in Geology, have recently been moved to the southwest wing of the University Museum. In two or three weeks the general geological laboratory will also be installed there, as soon as the interior furnishings are completed.

The reduction from $3 to $1.50 for membership in the Randall Hall Association during the remainder of the year will go into effect tomorrow. The present membership is ten hundred, and sixty-six. At the last meeting of the association G. C. Hirst '02 resigned from the executive committee and G. H. Johnson 3G. was elected to fill the vacancy.