Progress of the Work.--Orders of Crews at Weld and Newell.

The rowing situation at the Weld and Newell Boat Clubs is beginning to take on definite form. The crews have been on the water for about two weeks and although the work is still somewhat ragged and of that undeveloped nature which is customary at the start of the season, the progress is fairly encouraging. About nine crews from each club have been going out every day and with some changes they will continue rowing as at present until the class races, which will be held just before the April recess, the preliminaries probably on April 9, and the finals on the 11th or 12th. A University squad of about twenty-two men will then be picked, and this number will gradually be reduced until two eights are left from which to choose the University crew. After the class races, the only other eights on the river besides the University and Freshman will be the club crews which will take part in some of the outside races for which challenges have recently been received. No action on these challenges has yet been taken, but it is probable that at least one of them will be accepted.

Of the Newell crews, the Juniors are probably the best together, though their work has the too prevalent fault of slowness. The Seniors are rowing fairly well but are ragged in time and lack life. So far they have had only one crew but a second will be formed this week. The Law School eight is made up of experienced men and is one of the strongest on the river. The Sophomores are rowing smoothly, but they have been changed about considerably and do not have much go to their boat. Probably the least satisfying development at the Newell is among the Freshmen. They are unsettled, are not getting together as they should and are not even graded yet; and their irregularity in attendance has broken up all attempts at crew work.

The Seniors at the Weld are travelling smoothly and are the steadiest and best at the club though they lack life and drive. The Juniors and Sophomores have been doing fair work considering the time they have been out. The present grading among the Freshmen is not final and a number of changes will probably be made. The men, however, are heavier and more experienced than last year's Freshmen, but have less life. Their greatest need is more good coxswains.

The orders at the Weld have been as follows:

Senior--Stroke, Bancroft; 7, Francis; 6, Grew; 5, Brooks; 4, Covel; 3, Richardson; 2, Farlow; bow, Morse.


Second Senior--Stroke, Wehle; 7, Ells; 6, Barnes; 5, Silsbee; 3, Sheahan; 2, Aldrich; bow, Sturgis.

Junior--Stroke, James; 7, Hartwell; 6, Wolcott; 5, Bent; 4, Derby; 3, Pitkin; 2, Roberts; bow, Peabody.

Second Junior--Stroke, Macdonald; 7, Hatch; 6, Maltby; 5, Ernst; 4, Locke; 3, DuBois; 2, Inglis; bow, Blaikie.

Sophomore -- Stroke, Dillingham; 7, Lindsley; 6, Jackson; 5, Blaikie; 4, May; 3, Lloyd; 2, Minturn; bow, Chadwick.

Second Sophomore--Stroke, Fairchild; 7, Taft; 6, Hanford; 5, Harrison; 4, Macomber; 3, deRham; 2, Krumbhaar; bow, Burgess.

Freshman--Stroke, Niles; 7, Lawson; 6, Gately; 5, Abbot; 4, Williams; 3, Eaves; 2, Ober; bow, Crocker.

Second Freshman--Stroke, Kernan; 7, Lewis; 6, Deming; 5, Derby; 4, Hall; 3, Bowditch; 2, Joralemon; bow, Johnson.

Third Freshman--Stroke, Travis; 7, Eayrs; 6, Winsor; 5, Douglas; 4, Jewitt; 3, Hadfield; 2, Manton; bow, Miller.

The Newell crews have rowed in the following order:

Law School--Stroke, Cunningham; 7, Swaim; 6, Swift; 5, Anderson; 4, Perkins; 3, Stanton; 2, Hull; bow, Bolling.