Lacrosse Team Wins.

The University lacrosse team defeated Pennsylvania Saturday in a well contested game by the score of 5 to 1. Pennsylvania started off with a rush which resulted in one goal in the first two minutes of play. Before the defense could pull itself together four more shots were thrown at the net, all of which, however, were stopped by Kendall who played a brilliant game throughout. Once getting the ball among the attack men, Harvard had little difficulty in scoring four goals in rapid succession. The work of Alvord and Goddard for Harvard was especially effective in approaching the opponents' goal. The score at the end of the first half was 4 to 1 in favor of Harvard.

In the second half the defense men of Pennsylvania improved considerably. In spite of the fact that the ball was continually in their opponents' territory Harvard was able to score only one goal. Maxson, Thomas and Oliver did excellent work for Pennsylvania on the defense. The most brilliant individual playing was done by Wynne of Harvard.

The line-up was as follows: HARVARD.    PENNSYLVANIA. Kendall,  goal,  Montgomery Chaffee,  point,  Maxson Wynne,  coverpoint,  Thomas Stevenson,  first defense,  Oliver Kibbey,  second defense,  Rutherford Hoguet,  third defense,  Freeland Bennett,  centre,  Waring Penhallow,  third attack,  Spraulman Alvord,  second attack,  Fuller Binger,  first attack,  Climenson Michell,  outside home,  Briner Goddard,  inside home,  Ivy

Score--Harvard, 5; Pennsylvania, 1. Goals--Penhallow 2, Binger, Goddard, Alvord, Clinenson. Referee--McConaghy of Crescent A.C. Umpires--Wood of Harvard, Freeman of Pennsylvania. Timekeeper--Taylor. Halves -- 30 and 25 m.

The standing of the intercollegiate lacrosse league is as follows:   Won  Lost  Average. Cornell,  3  0  1.000 Harvard,  1  1  .500 Pennsylvania,  1  2  .883 Columbia,  0  2  .000