New Graded Crews.

One graded crew was formed at the Newell Boat Club yesterday afternoon, and two at the Weld. The unpleasant weather probably caused the absence of a number of candidates at both clubs. If more men do not appear today so that other crews can be formed, no race will be held on May 30.

The orders of the new crews are as follows:

Second Weld--Stroke, Farlow; 7, Sherbourne; 6, Bleakie; 5, Ells; 4, Hawes; 3, Johnson; 2, Locke; bow, Crocker.

Third Weld--Stroke, Deming; 7, de Rham; 6, Aldrich; 5, Sheahan; 4, Dyer; 3, Green; 2, Parker; bow, Perry.

Second Newell -- Stroke, Stevens; 7, James; 6, Roberts; 5, Sard; 4, Coleman; 3, Otis; 2, Bellamy; bow, Dill.